How to get a job in New York?

11-Jan-19Job search
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If you are not from NY then you may be thinking to land into some universities alone to have a brighter future but ask yourself “will it guarantee a bright future?” The answer may be NO. Well, the experts of AmericaOnJobs have come up to help you get the latest jobs in the USA, including jobs in New York, California and other parts of the country.

Preparing for interviews and keeping resumes updated is mandatory while you are looking for a new job. We know a lot of friends and colleagues spend thousands of dollars on new courses and spend a good amount of time at universities and in the end land up to the job which is not satisfactory. People might get stressed when they enroll in the wrong career field and it takes up a good part of life.

The whole process of getting the best jobs in the USA is totally different compared to other countries in the world. This article is for all national and international readers who are not able to get a dream job.

Change your Name

Yes, you read it correctly. This is important for people to get a name that is simply easy to remember and pronounce. If your name is Édouard Macron, go with Eddie.  You don’t have to change it legally. Just a Nick name because in the USA almost everyone has one, so it’s better if you think one for yourself.

Use professional Email account.

Now people think that they are already using it but to get a professional email you need to set up a domain name. Well this is important because email from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail have higher chances that your email will land into spamming. For example, you can get an email account like “”Or “”. You need to set up this account with your mobile and with your laptop.

Create a Digital resume

Digital resumes are nothing but a short video of around 2 minutes of your skills, achievements and career goals. This is one of the unique ways to impress your recruiter because this video can leave its impression and can make you standalone from the other applicants for the job position.

Write a Cover Letter

Cover letter is also the best way to express your interest in the job role. Try to write a precise description of your skills which can be very important in the current job opening. Americans like to be called by their names so try to use their first names when you are addressing them in the letter, don’t write sir or ma’am ever.

Search for Jobs on

Visit AmericaOnJobs- the top job search engine in USA , for the latest jobs, career and recruitment solution. When you apply for the job, make sure that you have uploaded your latest resume on the website as it can be viewed by the other interested recruiters as well.

Read Carefully before applying for a job

Reading the job description carefully is very important because it is the first point of information about the job role and the salary bar. When you are sure about the job role and the salary offered then it’s good to apply for the same.

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