Top 7 perfect tips to shortlist the best jobseeker in USA

25-Jan-19Career Advice
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From posting Free job ads online for initial discussions with the candidate, Employers must understand the right way to drive the best candidate for the interview and at offer stage provides the best option which is good for the company and the apprentice. With these tips we would like to highlight some of the techniques to make hiring easy and fruitful.

Here are some of the tips that can be used by employers to find the best employee in the USA

1. Understand the Job Role

Employers need to understand the complete Insight into the job role before they look forward to hiring for vacancies in the company. Without having an idea, it can weaken the process of interview and also it could not attract the top talent as per the company needs. HR managers and employers must have to learn about the job role and responsibilities.  Detailed information about the job role can be discussed with the reporting manager to avoid the frustration for info on the job role.

2. Post free job ads with accurate information-

It has two benefits, firstly, it is free so you don't need to pay for the job advertisement and secondly, accurate information attracts qualified and interested candidates for the job role. Employers often try to sell job roles and keep long promises to attract the top candidates. In order to get a proper response from the qualified candidates you must include true facts and avoid writing vague or false information. If they encounter the gap between the online job description and the real work schedule It loses interest and questions arise on your company's brand value.

3. Communicate with all applicants

Once you, the job adverts are online and you are getting response over the same post. Always try to maintain a clear communication with all the applicants and try to understand the reason of their application. Try to give a professional response to all of the applications for the job role, no matter if it is an automated response or a personal call. Communication to the shortlisted candidates must be completed via phone call to keep them engage in the activity.

4. Manage your shortlist’s expectations

After shortlisting the suitable candidate, make sure that they are qualified in terms of every parameter that the company and you as an employer are looking for, and make them fully aware of the job role and responsibility along with interview process stages. Doing it more efficiently you can conduct a telephonic interview to know more about them and their experience.

5. Build a healthy interview process

Interviewing can be a challenging experience when conducting without preparation and a cake walk when you have done your homework. Try to ensure that your interview process is smooth and transparent for the candidates.  Having more than 3 interviews Rounds can again be a challenging task to try to arrange interviews in a simple and at a comfortable level. Ask the candidates and make them comfortable for interviews and ensuring they understand the format and any topics that will be covered

6. Manage the selected and rejected candidates

The final recruitment process could be the challenging one, as because you have invested a good amount of time and effort in bringing the candidates to this stage. At this point of stage you need to sure that which could be the best option for the job role. The stage of managing the candidates must be handled with the utmost professionalism and respect. Try to make sure that you provide the job offer ASAP because making them wait for Weeks can raise questions about your brand image.  

7. Analyze and improve the recruitment journey

It is important to understand the way a job applicants feel about your company, your company related to the latest job in USA and it's hiring process. It must be continuously monitored and also improve the weak sections. Have an eye over your social media accounts and reviews of your product and services, applicant survey and managing the employee motivation are the Factors that can streamline your recruitment journey.

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