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Q. Can you tell me about yourself?


This is one question that comes up every time and in almost every interview you are going to face. This particular question gives an opportunity to set the right pace for the next job interview. You can focus on areas where you want the interviewer to know about your personal and professional background. Mugging up mechanical answers is not a good idea. Instead, try to be enthusiastic and summarize the big picture into a small story telling. When they ask this question they try to break the silence and when the conversation starts they build next questions based on it.

This question is asked from almost every person who are attending interview. This gives idea about you, personal life and professional life. If you answer accordingly, then it can straight away help you to get brownie points. The question itself is huge and people can spend hours describing themselves but to be honest that is not the point. Try to summarize the answer in maximum 3-4 minutes.

The best advice to answer the question is to include the skills and your interest for the current position. Tell your proof stories and target you to sell the points required for the job. You can also share your interest in the current job opening by telling the recruiter about the scope of this job in your career. Many job seekers take this opportunity in other ways and start narrating whatever is mentioned in it. This is a big no and even employers don’t want to hear the same information which he/she can read from your resume. Try to build your answer and practice it for the final day.

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