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Q. Do you have any question for us?


This can be a final call job interview question and most likely the employer asks this question when everything went well during the interview. When candidates denies for the question then it may be consider as Leaving interviewer with an impression of your interest in the company. You can definitely ask a relevant question to show that you are interested in job and the organization itself.

Technically this question is end so you need to be sure about your question when asked about it. Its better to create a list of questions and choose wisely according to your interview round. Keep one thing in mind that if selected than you will be asking some question to your manager or senior manager. This makes sense to ask one or maximum 2 professional questions depending upon the interviewer and that present situation.

It’s noticeable that questions which are close ended are not worthy to ask at this time. Try to play with words and create open ended questions which need some good explanation.

·       You can inquire about the daily work responsibilities?

·       Why the Ex-employee has left the job?

·       What will be the targets and how much time is ideal to achieve them?

·       How do you measure employee productivity?

·       What is the scope of professional growth with your company?

·       According to you, what type of candidates is the best match for this job opening?

Candidates are requested not to discuss about salary and off the topic question from there end. By doing this there are chances of putting the employer in dilemma weather you are the best match for the vacancy or just looking its benefits.

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