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Q. What do you know about the Company?


Companies and employers are not interested in hiring candidates who don’t know about them. It gives a clear idea that it is important to do homework related to the company and its services. Do let them know from your preparation that you have spent a good time on research about them. You can do it by accessing the official website of the company and there will be plenty of web pages which can give you a clear idea about the mission, vision, about us page and services.

Learn about the strategies they are using and how they can improve it. This is critical and needs patience. Nowadays, candidates prepare a 1 or 2 page report about the company and its product and services. You can take help of company social media accounts to see the insight into the company's offerings. If the company is in the news for a good reason, it never fails to mention it and avoid controversies at any cost. You can also review some other information from their clients and customers. You can also research about the interviewer if the HR disclosed the name. This can help you to have a good idea about the interviewer so accordingly you can prepare the answer. When preparing an answer for the question you can make a check list of things to include. This gives a proper structure to your answer which can help you to be presentable.

The advantage of so much of the research can be seen directly in your confidence level. The more you prepare about them the more you will feel confident and comfortable. This decreases the stress level and helps you to be calm and stay during your interview.

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