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Q. What is your biggest professional achievement?


Interviewer ask this question when he very how interested in the candidate application. This is the best chance to impress them accordingly. There is a difference between bragging and explaining. Many of the candidates loose chance because they fail to answer appropriately. It is very important to portray the achievements and serve in a unique way to the interviewer. Many job interview are based on candidate performance than his experiences and their you can get your chance. If you are preparing for this question then there are chances you can perform better with little bit of explanation. There are certain things like the tone, and pitch must be keep in mind when you are answering the question.

Prepare your self and try to draw the achievements on a paper. This will help you to draw a exact image of your achievements and with the help of it you can explain it better to HR and team. The main aim of this question is figure out the things in your professional life which helped you with some recognition, or certification. This helps them to select the best candidate for the job role. This behavioral question can be answered well only if you have prepared for it. These questions also help them to identify a clear picture of a candidate towards his past experience. Try to use some proof stories which can help your interviewer to understand your skills for the present job opening. Although it is very tough for them to identify the truly best candidate so they choose interview as the medium to do so. By adding some of the qualities of teamwork, activeness, work ethic and leadership may help you to answer it better.

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