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Q. What is your biggest professional strength or weakness?


.Everyone has different weaknesses and strengths related to professional life. An interviewer can ask you the same question and may use different ways to address it. Candidates must be well prepared for the answer and it is worth spending preparation time over it. Strengths and weakness are two different traits of a person and candidate must use different answers according to the job requirements. In general, try to use strategies through which the answer will be a win/win situation for you.

Strengths- You can include examples where your communication, leadership or analytical skills have been used. Many candidates include leadership skills in this section which is more than good. It is better to choose traits with which you are comfortable and employers like it.

Weakness - No body is perfect and this is reality. It's good to tell your weaknesses to your interviewer. Try not to exceed more than two weaknesses but if you limit yourself with one than it is also good. Candidates must include weaknesses which can be corrected or already in the development phase.

As previously said, candidates who focus on strengths that are related to professional growth are most favored and weakness which lags you away from your current job role must be avoided. Saying the latest technology as a weakness for technical job is worst ever idea. Try to use a better strategy and come up with your own answer. Prepare some sample answers and review them. This will give you a good sense of where you can improve. You can always improve the answer whenever you feel like the ball is not in your court. The practice answer must be free from any uncertainty and your weakness must not be like something which can not be improved

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