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Q. Why should we hire you?


Every interviewer wants to hire a good candidate for the job openings. Many candidates who reach this stage have possible good scores in the last stages. The candidate will have to showcase his talent in the best possible way. Employers don’t want to risk the job opening with the wrong hire and he will be taking a chance after recommending you to the next level of interview.

The best thing you can do is convince him about the certainty that you can do this particular job and will deliver profit based results. You are comfortable in every type of situation and fit in almost no time with the team. You have the skills and knowledge to implement it which makes you stand out from the rest of the potential candidate and also you are sure about your future plans.

To deliver the best answer you can include the combination of experience, soft and technical skills, Accomplishments, Awards, and certifications. Success stories are the favorite part of the interviewer. You can include how your strategies helped previous companies to achieve better than expected. Interviewer asking this question wants to know what your skills to offer for the position are and a justified answer is only the answer. You have to know in and out of the job and also a bit of understanding about your interviewer will help you to modify the answer accordingly. The chances are good that the interviewer will ask real life and practical questions and as a candidate you need to be well prepared.

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