5 key feature of a solid talent pipeline.

12-Sep-18Job Posting
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Talent pipeline provides the pool of interested candidates for the job vacancies in your organization. The hiring of a candidate can be for internal or external job vacancies. It allows building a long-term professional relationship with the candidates to serve the future needs of an organization.

Talent pipeline is in the top five priority list of the global leaders as it cannot be avoided for achieving the smooth long run business goals. Many Companies across the world are not able to properly build and maintain a talent pipeline so they outsource the domain to full fill the needs.


This article will outline key features of the talent pipeline can be used by the employers of the organization for the roles of

1. Succession Planning gaps:-  

Planning is an important part of any business. It is important to have a tool so to fill any gap in the planning. Through the talent pipeline, your HR team can fill the gaps of unwanted vacancies in your organization.

2. New Projects:-

When the company assigned with new projects the need for employees arises. With the help of strong pipeline strategies, these needs can be fulfilled with proper candidates. So the organization can tackle the new recruitment process effectively.

3. Internal mobility;-

This refers to the internal shifting of employee(s) from one process to another one. Many time internal mobility cannot be favorable but with proper analytics and data check this could result in high performance. Internal mobility can be due to the change in the services of the organization or due to the market need for the product.

4. Campus Recruitment:-

In our college time, we have seen many branded companies hire hundreds of candidate for the project. This could be done with the strong relationship of the organization with the institute. With the help of a talent pipeline, all the vacancies can be filtered out with the deserving candidate for it.

5. Hard to fill Roles with high employee turnover.

Talent pipeline helps your organization to make a long-term relationship with the candidates. Some time when an experienced employee leaves the organization there is also a job vacancy for that designation. With the help of a talent pipeline, these roles are comparatively easy to fill as the organization is having the list of people who can justify the desired designation.

Build or outsource a solid pipeline process and make all the HR team aware of it.

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