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For Job Seekers

Why should I register with AmericaOnJobs?

AmericaOnJobs.com helps you find the right-fit job and perfect brand to work for. AmericaOnJobs helps you to:

  1. Access and apply over jobs offered from the top recruiters
  2. Store and access your Resume online
  3. Get the latest job alerts on your Inbox.

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Why have I not been asked to fill the password while creating my profile ?

When you create account on AmericaOnJobs.com as a job seeker, an automatic mailer has been sent to your email-ID which you used during registration. You need to check the mail in your inbox that has in built password mentioned of your AmericaOnJobs account which is completely protected for data safety.

Do I need to pay for posting my resume ?

No, you don’t have to pay any money as posting a Resume. We offer a free access of 60 days for posting your resume.

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How can I change the password of AmericaOnJobs candidate profile ?

You can change the password for your profile. You need to click on the 'Forgot Password' option which will help you receive the new Password mail on your mail-ID registered with AmericaOnJobs .

How can I search or browse jobs on AmericaOnJobs .com ?

On AmericaOnJobs , you can refine your search by adding criteria like keyword, company/employer name and locations in the search bar.

AmericaOnJobs also give you an option to browse the jobs to look for relevant jobs based on the job category.

If I am not registered on AmericaOnJobs . Can I still apply for the posted job?

Yes, you can apply for the relevant posted jobs without being registered with AmericaOnJobs.com.

However, registering gives you wider options & hence

AmericaOnJobs.com enables you to:
  1. Store and access your Resume online, so you need not to upload resume everytime when applying on the jobs.
  2. Create your Job Alert , so you can receive the latest jobs alerts on the mail-ID registered with AmericaOnJobs .com.
How will I get response from the employer side after a successful job application on AmericaOnJobs.com ?

Once you have successfully applied for any job posted on AmericaOnJobs .com, any future communication towards your application/candidature applies solely at the employers end & hence at discretion of the hiring company.

How will I get to know if I have successfully applied for a job on AmericaOnJobs .com?

Once you will apply for any job by clicking 'Apply Now', then you will receive a message line on the web page of AmericaOnJobs showing text as- "Your job application has been submitted successfully".

For Employer/Recruiter

How can a Recruiter OR Employer Company make a profile on AmericaOnJobs?

If you are ready to create a first-time account as a Recruiter OR Employer Company, you need to –

  1. Visit the website- www.AmericaOnJobs .com & Click on “Employer Register” button on upper right corner of the homepage.
  2. In the next step, fill up your details & click on – “Registration Now” button.
  3. After that on your account profile page, you can fill vital information in a descriptive way.

Please note down that the E-mail-ID used during sign up will get all resume applications from the job searchers who would apply on your job postings.

How many numbers of jobs will I be able to post after creating my Employer/ Recruiter Profile?

There is no limitation to the number of jobs that you can post on the site. We are offering two months Free Subscription for Job posting. You can post the openings which contain the fields as- Company hiring for, Designation hiring for, Location hiring for, etc. Job hunters visiting www.AmericaOnJobs .com would be able to find these jobs. All the replies from candidates on your posted jobs will be collected in an E-mail id used when creating your profile on the Job portal.

Will I be able to add Industry, FA, and Levels hiring for different job postings?

Yes, employers can easily add Functional area, Industry & Location tags as well as categories while posting the new job for hiring.

How can Jobseekers contact you on AmericaOnJobs .com?

Job hunters OR candidates cannot contact you directly. They can get updates on the new or upcoming jobs posted by you that are linked to your profile. Additionally, they can apply for jobs that you posted by using your recruiter/employer profile. These responses received from the candidates on jobs will go directly to your E-mail id used while creating your profile on www.AmericaOnJobs .com.

Will my email id and mobile number be visible to the public on AmericaOnJobs ?

Your AmericaOnJobs recruiter/ public profile will not show your E-mail id or mobile number. However, candidates can indirectly send you applications or responses and share their details (mobile number, e-mail id, extra info) on the email-ID with which you have registered on the Job site. However, if you have a paid subscription, we give assurance to show your contact details to the public.

How would I be able to see the applicants responses/ applies to the jobs posted using AmericaOnJobs ?

You will receive all job applications responses/ resumes to the specific E-mail id which was used while registering or creating your profile on AmericaOnJobs .

Do I need to upload a picture on my Employer/ Recruiter Account profile?

Yes, you need to upload your company logo or your company picture as it adds credibility to your account profile from the perspective of the aspirants/jobseekers. This attracts more relevant responses from job hunters to your job postings.

AmericaOnJobs is also a great platform as it also gives you an option to add the image to each job posted to increase your credibility. AmericaOnJobs logo is showed by default, but you may choose your customized company picture or logo to display in the job post.

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